The Best Gifts To Welcome Your New Neighbors

Everyone wants to be neighborly, but you might not always know how. One of the best ways to say ‘welcome to the neighborhood’ is by giving a welcome gift.

gift baskets for families

The best part is a welcome gift doesn’t have to cost much. In fact something homemade or simple is the most thoughtful. If your Resolution is to be extra neighborly this year, try any of these adorable gifts and start the New Year out right.

·    Gift basket: Give gift baskets for families and become best friends almost immediately. Gift baskets are a great neighborly gesture to welcome families because they have a variety of useful goods in them. Whether you make one yourself or purchase one already made, they make the same sweet, welcoming gesture.  

·    Cozy slippers or blanket: There’s just something about all the fluffy things that make any person feel good inside. Give the gift of cozy slippers or a blanket and it will warm them right up to the neighborhood.

·    Personalized wood cutting board: Every home could use a cutting board, and a personalized wood one is unlike all the others. A wood cutting board is more decorative than anything, and a personal touch just gives it that added sweetness your neighbor will love.

·    Coasters: This gift is as simple and cute as it comes. Coasters are the life savers of the home, but often people forget to buy them for themselves. Your neighbor will love this little gift that is so useful.

·    A board game: Nothing says lets have some fun like a board game. Moving can be stressful, but a welcome board game provides an excellent opportunity for your new neighbors to unwind.

·    DIY mugs: Majority of people drink coffee, so mugs are a great gift to give. Step it up a notch by personalizing ones yourself. Try using sharpie and then baking the mugs in the oven at 150 degrees for at least 4 hours.