Brief Intro To Supply Of Silicon Wafers

The manufacturing and distribution of premium grade silicon wafers has been going on for decades already. And as each new decade comes and goes, the network of silicon wafer suppliers seems to grow on the global scale. Given the nature of the business, there is no need for growing demand to ever outstrip supply. Silicon wafers are being made and set at any diameter. It could be said that the very first silicon manufacturing and distribution plant was located in the very heart of Silicon Valley itself.

silicon wafer suppliers

All silicon wafers are being produced to exact SEMI standards. If not that, they will at least be prepared in accordance with unique specifications laid down by the commercial and industrial clients. A wax-free method of wafer polishing has been developed in order to achieve as flat a finishing surface as possible and at as low a cost as possible during manufacturing processes. Turnaround rates are no more than a day.

Given that there are now processing centers in different parts of the world, shipping times should be reduced still further. As with most commercial and industrial enterprises, the drive is on to become as sustainable as possible. One sustainable development being used in this line is that of reclaiming what was previously treated as rejected wafers. This can now be done several times over. The manufacturing and distribution center is able to distribute a good few thousand wafers within one working day.

Speeding up the delivery process is the centralization of inventory controls. Not just at the manufacturing plant but at clients’ business premises as well. This is being done through the use of a computerized management system. Technical solutions are on hand to deal with and deliver on customers’ special requirements.